Functional Medical Services

Chronic Care

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heartburn, thyroid disorders, IBS, anxiety/depression, migraines with the goal to transition off medications for more natural care

Illness and Injury

Upper respiratory infections including COVID19 care, rashes, UTIs, minor burns and lacerations, and sprains.

Wellness Focused Family Healthcare

Hormone balancing with herbal and/or bioidentical hormone therapy, weight and metabolic health management, sports and school physicals, nutrition counseling, health coaching

If we can’t help you heal by addressing your dis-ease using lifestyle and supplemental modifications, we have the ability to order testing for a deep dive into your health concerns.  Additionally, functional health coaching would be used should you need these services.  Health coaching would give you support and accountability in ways Dr Reed doesn’t always have time.

*Functional medicine services will require an additional monthly expense as management of functional medicine will require a great deal more of our time.  Cost will be determined after cooperative evaluation of needs.

What are we doing here?  We’re trying something new.  We’re trying to get people healthy.  We’re trying to grow a community.  We’re trying to change the face of how care is delivered.

The past few years have seen some positive changes in medicine.  The rise of Direct Primary Care clinics has been fantastic.  It allows doctors and patients to truly get to know one another.  It costs the patient a little out of pocket, but it’s affordable for most even if they already have insurance.  And the best part is their care is not dictated by what the insurers will pay.  Unfortunately this method often follows the same guidelines set out by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, so while you may be getting more attention, we believe the implementation is still flawed.

We also have the rise in functional medicine.  Until a few years ago we weren’t even familiar with the term functional medicine, but we believe we were meant to discover it.  The way it came into our lives was as if it was divine intervention.  We believe we were meant to learn it and make it our life’s mission to help as many people as possible.  That may seem like a bold claim, but it’s honestly how it feels.  Dr Reed was almost ready to give up practicing medicine, but with this discovery she’s fallen in love with learning how to heal again.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term, functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of illness rather than treating only symptoms.

A huge problem in medicine is the rise in the idea that specialists should handle everything.  There are problems with that line of thinking.  While there are systems in our bodies, oftentimes these specialists only look for problems inside the system they are familiar with, but fail to see how those are interconnected to the rest of the body.  So while you may treat one system you can very likely throw out of balance another system and ultimately end up needing to see a new specialist.  Functional medicine sees the entire body as a system, inside and out.  

Another problem is that most people seek out a functional medicine provider only after they’ve already gotten extremely sick and conventional medicine has been unable to help.  We believe we can bridge that gap.  We want to be here for the people who are struggling, but our real focus is to teach people, especially families how to avoid the struggle to begin with.

Our vision is a community based approach to care.  We use medication when it is necessary, but discourage its long term use as much as possible.  Most chronic disease can be addressed through lifestyle modifications.  Changing your diet and eliminating processed foods (this does NOT mean eat salads and go vegan, in fact we believe quite the opposite), getting more movement (ideally resistance training), getting sunshine on your skin (sunscreen often contains dangerous chemicals), being part of a supportive community, prioritizing quality sleep, and spending time in nature to name just a few.

Our ultimate vision is one where we are here for you when you need us. For now that means someone in the office a few days a week, available for televisits 6 days a week, and available through text or email outside office hours (except Sunday as we will spend that day with our family and hope you do as well).Ideally we hope to expand our practice over time to hire more providers and offer care in clinic 7 days a week.  We want to be your source for health.  We want to teach you to be your best advocate for care.  We want to be the standard by which all other care is measured.  We want your family to thrive.

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