Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to find the easiest means possible for you. Appointments may be offered in your home, over the phone or via video conferencing. If you and the doctor feel it would be best to have an appointment in your home, for a variety of reasons, a nurse will be present and help the Doctor with the physical exam through a virtual interface.

Direct Primary care is a new an innovative model of health care which makes primary care more affordable by removing the administrative bloat associated with conventional insurance or Fee-for-service care. 

Thankfully, no! Insurance is better served for catastrophic health issues, and has only caused unnecessary increase in primary care. We intentionally forego insurance, to reduce these unnecessary costs, and to remove the “middle-man” from your healthcare. 

The Affordable Care Act still holds the individual mandate that everyone maintains a health insurance plan. However, we recommend to moving to a low premium high-deductible plan or a shared care plan.  We’re happy to refer you to insurance representatives who can help assist in customizing a plan for you.

At this time Direct Primary Care membership cost is not tax deductible.

At this time, you cannot use your FSA/HSA to pay your monthly subscription. However, there is currently legislation to amend unfortunate policy. You can apply your FSA/HSA to all medications, labs and imaging provided through our clinic. 

Absolutely! The goal of primary care is to keep you from needed frequent medical attention by screening and treating diseases before they become a long-term problem.


Of course. Medical issues and questions rarely happen from 9-5.

We can provide referrals to any variety of specialist. We work with several specialist who provide discounts for “cash pay.” However, we also can refer to In-Network specialists.

We contract with local imaging to provide low-cost imaging solutions. However, we can also work with In-Network imaging facilities.

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